Tea Cup Yorkies

Let me start by being very frank, there’s ONLY ONE Yorkshire Terrier classification “Toy Breed” plain and simple! No “t – cup” no “tea cup” no “tiny” no “miniature” no “teddy bear” no “purse puppy”  no “baby doll” and no “standard.”

You simply have a very small dog, with the exception of the “standard”…A tiny yorkie baby that is fragile, prone to health problems and often nothing but a heartbreak waiting to happen. A yorkie shouldn’t be a frail nervous little dog yet these little ones tend to be just that! The well bred Yorkshire Terrier “yorkie”, is a proud, high spirited, exciting little terrier who thinks it’s as big as a Great Dane.

Beware of any Yorkshire Terrier breeder who advertises descriptive words other than “Toy” when searching for your perfect Yorkie puppy companion!

I do NOT recommend purchasing a Yorkshire Terrier under 4 pounds estimated adult weight. Many yorkie babies under 4 lbs tend to have frail body structure, fragile bones and numerous health issues. Many lack proper mouth size for healthy teeth resulting in early teeth loss and difficulty eating. Many tiny yorkies have trouble regulating blood sugar resulting in hypoglycemic shock or worse coma and death.

Uncaring kennels deliberately and continuously breed high-risk Yorkshire Terriers charging outrageous prices for the tiniest offspring. Many Internet breeders charge  $3,500.00 to $28,000.00  for “Teacup” or “Purse Puppy” Yorkshire Terrier puppies. These kennels breed greed often over breed their undersized bitches never once considering her health nor the health and well being of her offspring.

Don’t support these irresponsible people.  A yorkie that matures to 4 – 7lbs is what every reputable breeder strives for (consistently breeding within breed standard NOTHING MORE or NOTHING LESS).  The imaginary “Tea Cups” are considered (in less glamorous terms) ” the runts” which appear on occasion in a normal size breeding or by consistently breeding very tiny adults resulting in VERY high risk puppies!

Most frequently asked questions “Do you have teacup Yorkies?” or “Teddy bear Yorkies?” or “Do you have Yorkies small enough to fit in my purse full grown?” answer NO! Never, unless I have a litter of runts!

Why then do so many breeders advertise these Yorkies?

Unscrupulous breeders attract a buyers attention by using catchy phrases like “teacup” or “baby doll” taking advantage of those unfamiliar with the breed or the Yorkshire Terriers breed standard as stated by AKC. These breeders are salespeople convincing a buyer they’re INVESTING in something special.  These breeders also base PRICING on SIZE or shall I say “lack of size” not QUALITY, the smaller the yorkie the larger the price tag.  What they DON’T disclose the smaller the dog the larger the vet bills!

Be aware, many kennels, mills and back yard breeders sell “standard”  who’s weight will exceed 7 lbs at adult size some yorkies maturing up to 20lbs.  Yes, I said 20 lbs. These tend to be those who choose to ignore breed standard.  Breeding an over sized female to a much smaller male is irresponsible and more often the Yorkshire Terrier bitch genealogy will prove the breeder wrong.

Remember Yorkshire Terrier is a “toy class” breed established by AKC NOT TO EXCEED 7lbs.

On average, a Yorkshire Terrier weighs between 4 and 7 pounds as an adult. Most Yorkshire terriers participating in the show ring tend to be 5 to 7 pounds.

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